Encryption Chat

Encryption can provide us with many advantages but it also comes with it’s own challenges. Cryptography is evolving on a daily basis, to improve the ciphers used to keep data secure, and identify weaknesses through careful analysis. Mobile devices can now encrypt and decrypt messages in real time. Virtual currencies are driving demand for higher levels of throughput performance and energy efficiency.

Encryption is a Human Right according to Amnesty International, because people should be able to encrypt their communications and personal data as an essential protection of their rights to privacy and free speech. However there are governments and law enforcement agencies that are concerned about the widespread adoption of encryption because it reduces their ability to investigate crime. Although encryption is used to keep our financial transactions secure, it can also be used by malware to deny us access to our own personal data. All of this is set against a backdrop of organisations who seek to gather as much information about us as possible, and then fail to prevent unauthorised disclosure.

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